NextVPU unveiled cutting-edge AI vision chip N171

Release date:2018-08-31

The world leading computer vision processing IC and system company, NextVPU, today unveiled AI vision processing IC N171.

N171 is the flagship IC of NextVPU’s N1 series computer vison chips. As a VPU, N171 pushes the Edge AI computing limit further from many aspects. With powerful computing engines embedded, N171 has unprecedent geometry calculation and deep neural network processing capabilities, and can be widely used in surveillance, robots, drones, UGV, smart home, ADAS applications, etc.

Artificial Intelligence is going to change dozens of industries in the next decades. Computer Vision is a major field of AI, and has numerous applications. “Product-Market Fit” chips are the foundation of AI applications. N171 will bring the devices’ intelligence to a new era.

Major features of N171:

Supports Operating Systems run on embedded CPU cores

Highly integrated SoC with many cutting-edge IPs

Computer Vision Specific ISP

Supports up to 120 frame-per-second high resolution depth map generation, highest 3D point cloud generation capability in the world which can be compared with the sum of hundreds of 64-line Velodyne LiDARs, crucial for VSLAM, 3D reconstruction, high precision map generation, etc

Multi-Tera-operations-per-watt CNN inference capability, providing strong NN computing power to the edge

Processing up to 8-camera input streams simultaneously, providing extensive sensing capability to robots, UAV, UGVs

Rich I/O interfaces

Low power consumption

Comparing with state-of-the-art ASIC chips

NextVPU is going to release Evaluation Kits (including PCB and SDKs) for customers to evaluate. For collaboration please contact

NextVPU will collaborate with industry partners, dedicate to build a better world with intelligent devices.

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